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  • Should pride get in the way of better mobility?

    When we speak to our customers before buying a mobility aid they often tell us that pride is a barrier when they're trying to help a family member,...
  • What John told us next was genius, why hadn't we realised this??

    This is the story of John and how he went from shopping trolley to premium rollator...with a little bit of help from indycare of course! ;) Every n...
  • News - New product release

    Topro has released a stunning new, premium rollator onto the market with the Pegasus.

    Topro's most lightweight rollator guarantees top quality 

  • Tip Time - Things to consider when buying a rollator

    One should be proud of one’s rollator! 

    This is why the design of the rollator can be important.

  • Tip Time - Things to consider when choosing a rollator

    Buying a rollator for you shouldn't be confusing.

    Indycare provides step-by-step tips on how to find the right one for you.